Previously occupied by a used furniture store, we needed to overhaul the space and create a clean, natural environment in keeping with the organic and recycled nature of the jewelry. That in mind, most everything was made from salvaged, repurposed, recycled, and reclaimed materials. From the outside, the facade was painted black and a white logotype applied, and the door handle was taken from an old 70's wingback sofa which had washed ashore on a Maine island. Inside, we laid down old planks rescued from various Maine locations- an old church, and old schoolhouse, and an old barn. Just inside the door we built a window seat/ cabinet from the same wood, cut to fit around an old beast of an anvil also brought from Maine. Underneath it are morning glories which will grow up and around the anvil and bloom all summer long, adding to the organic, green theme. The display cases are made from other assorted old barnwood and salvaged wood which has all been rescued from certain landfill-clogging doom. The 2x4's used in the framing of the podiums and the desk were all salvaged from dumpsters in lower Manhattan, as was most of the dry wall used for the desk. We made the pendant lamps by bolting together two plastic garden shop planters, suspending them from cable and electrifying them with custom made retractile cord. Behind the desk is a wall built to separate the workshop from the front room, and on the wall is "The Jeweler" (painted by me) ,wearing a vintage Ossie Clark, leaning against the anvil, wearing Linhardt jewelry, and assisted by her bunny helpers, each carrying a different tool. The shop apron was designed and sewn by Linda, inspired by Japanese Boro quilts and photographers' vests.


service station anvil from Maine

custom made lamps

L shaped desk and
"The Jeweler" painting

view to back

"The Jeweler"

view to front

close-up inside case

left side cases and bench

custom designed apron